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We love filmmaking

We formed the 4point7 Collective at film school in the UK at the end of our master’s degree. After our studies, we decided to take things to the next level and start our own production company to develop our own projects. As the founders of 4point7, we are passionate about filmmaking, we have extensive experience working together, and are always looking for the next big challenge.

We are professional

We are highly trained professionals with long-lasting industry experience and come from different fields. We are writers, producers, cinematographers, and journalists. Our diverse expertise is our strength. We are also from different European countries and collectively speak four languages — English, German, French and Slovenian.

We are creative

4point7 Collective stands for original, relevant, and modern content. We started our business to be able to do what we love — create thought-provoking narratives aimed at a young audience. Through our creative projects, we seek to challenge the conventional and reflect on our contemporary society.

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Ding Dong – Who’s that?
TV Series
Death of an Influencer
TV Series
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